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Celebrating 25 Years!

Celebrating 25 years of Diagnostic Eye Center

Welcome to Diagnostic Eye Center

We have been providing state-of-the-art eye care since 1998 and are honored to be recognized as one of the leading ophthalmology and LASIK Eye Surgery practices in Houston, Texas. We offer a complete range of eye care services, including:

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Am I a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Diagnostic Eye Center is one of the most trusted LASIK Eye Surgery providers in Houston, Texas, with countless glowing reviews and testimonials about the experiences our patients have had at our practice! Are you wondering if you are a candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Deciding to have laser vision correction is a significant decision, and we are here to help provide the information you need to decide if LASIK Eye Surgery is right for you. Diagnostic Eye Center provides resources like our LASIK self-test, and free consultations at our convenient Houston location, with no obligation, to see if you may be a candidate.

If you are seeking more information or want to know if you are a candidate for the procedure, trust in Diagnostic Eye Center for LASIK Eye Surgery in Houston.

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Benefits of LASIK

As a premier LASIK provider in Houston, Texas, we believe in providing the highest quality care. Each ophthalmologist on our team has had years of experience performing vision correction surgery, and can help you achieve your personal best vision.

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery at Diagnostic Eye Center include:

  • Reducing or eliminating dependence on glasses or contact lenses
  • Rewards for in-house optical and contact lens purchases with our LASIK Next program
  • In-house financing available for affordable LASIK in Houston
  • Advanced laser technology for safe, effective vision correction surgery
  • Eye surgeons who are available to patients every step of the way

Our ophthalmologists have performed over 20,000 procedures since 1998. Friends, employees, family members, and members of the Houston police and Houston fire departments have entrusted Diagnostic Eye Center with their vision correction procedures.

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IOL Self Evaluation

Cataracts are extremely common and are the principal cause of vision loss in people aged over forty. Cataract eye surgery has restored the vision of thousands of patients, and at Diagnostic Eye Center we want to help you be prepared for this life changing procedure.

If you are considering cataract surgery, making sure you choose an Intraocular Lens (IOL) that best fits your lifestyle is important to receiving outcomes that are right for you. For guidance in making this decision before seeing our Houston ophthalmologists, take our self-evaluation test to review your visual situation! Please fill out the form and we will suggest a lens that best suits your visual and lifestyle needs.

For more information about cataract surgery in Houston, Texas, call or request an appointment with Diagnostic Eye Center today!

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Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery relies on advanced technology that adds computer-control to key steps of cataract surgery using a femtosecond laser. The laser analyzes high-resolution images of your eye and helps your ophthalmologist design a custom procedure for you with a greater level of precision and control. The laser performs several critical steps of the surgical process, including creation of the incisions and fragmentation of the cataract, to make removal faster and easier.

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Blade-free LASIK Eye Surgery

The WaveLight® Excimer Laser is the only system to use Wavefront Optimized® ablation profiles as part of every treatment, which not only corrects a patient’s prescription but aims to improve the quality of vision. This advanced technology reduces spherical aberrations to decrease glare and improve night vision. The laser also has a unique eye-tracking system which tracks at speeds 10 times faster than movements of the natural eye, helping to ensure exact positioning of the treatment.

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The ORA™ System, with VerifEye+™

The ORA™ System is a technology your ophthalmologist will use to tailor your cataract surgery to your unique measurements. Like a GPS, the ORA System helps your doctor navigate your eye during surgery. During the customized procedure, your ophthalmologist can use the ORA System to analyze the state of your eye in real-time to confirm your vision correction needs.

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LASIK Eye Surgery in Houston

Diagnostic Eye Center is proud to be a leader in Houston ophthalmology and optometry. Located in the heart of the Bayou City, we offer the most advanced eye care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Our doctors are dedicated to providing a positive and individualized experience for every patient that comes through our door. We have a team of top LASIK surgeons that give the Houston residents professional vision correction as well as a wide range of eye care services. If you are interested in LASIK Eye Surgery and you live in the Houston area, read more about our services below and schedule a consultation with our team today.

Our History

Ophthalmologist Dr. Marc Sanders founded Diagnostic Eye Center in the Houston medical center in 1998. The practice quickly grew as it became recognized as a center of excellence for cataract surgery, LASIK, and comprehensive eye care. In 2001, optometrist Dr. Aric Welton joined the practice, and a full service optical shop was opened. Having outgrown the space in the medical center, Diagnostic Eye Center moved to its own 16,000 square foot building in the River Oaks/Greenway Plaza area in 2005. A minor surgical suite was opened, the optical shop was expanded with a lab to create glasses on site, and in 2012, the latest and most advanced laser suite was added. Optometrist Dr. Stephanie Lozano joined the practice in 2013, and Dr. Andrew Salem joined the team in 2016, bringing along surgical expertise as a Houston cornea specialist and LASIK Eye Surgery specialist. In 2019, Dr. Elizabeth Bell joined the Diagnostic Eye Center as a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry. Dr. Bell specializes in contact lens fitting and ocular disease management. The team was completed in 2022 with LASIK and cataract surgeon Dr. Andres Parra. Our Houston optometrists and ophthalmologists work closely together to provide a comprehensive approach to vision and eye health for every patient.

Our Services

Our doctors work together to provide a full range of eye care services, including comprehensive eye exams, specialty contact lens fittings, and treatment of glaucoma, keratoconus, and dry eye. We know that eye surgery is an important decision, which is why we are committed to providing the latest technology to our patients. From wavefront optimized blade-free LASIK Eye Surgery to Laser Cataract Surgery with the newest intraocular lens options, we can customize your procedure to ensure optimal visual outcomes. Offering Houston the best LASIK technology and procedures, our LASIK Eye Surgery specialists make sure you get the correct treatment. Every patient is unique, and we take the time to understand your daily activities and visual demands. Whether it is a simple eye exam or an advanced LASIK procedure, schedule your appointment at our Houston office today!